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Sacred Heart of the Rose logo sqSacred Heart of the Rose (SHotR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit non-denominational spiritual organization. Originally organized in April of 2010, Sacred Heart of the Rose moved into 1274 Logan Street in 2016, and received IRS 501(c)(3) status on 23 August 2016.

We hold a variety of special spiritual events and retreats throughout the year, and we partner with Logan Street Sanctuary on fundraising and some of their events. Contact Alys at for more information. Find us on Facebook and stay up to date on upcoming special events!

Sacred Heart of the Rose (SHotR) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit non-denominational spiritual organization, and our partner and host venue Logan Street Sanctuary (LSS) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) cultural arts organization. Your $25 annual SHotR memberships and donations help us host special events for our community. You can donate any amount when you arrive (cash, check, Square) or in advance securely online here: (Click “Shop” then select “Sacred Heart of the Rose Donations” from the drop-down list).

You can become a SHotR member here:

 Tranquility Retreat

Hosted by Sacred Heart of the Rose, our 1st Tranquility Retreat was November 12 (2017) from 2p – 4p at Logan Street Sanctuary. In it, we discussed today’s bombardments of negativity, and we exploreed ways of turning negative energy into positive energy. For many of us, the upcoming Holiday season increases stress, and we can easily get overwhelmed by negative headlines in the news and social media. Sometimes, we just wish we could unplug and run away! Our 1st Tranquility Retreat helped us refocus our stresses and concerns and turned down the volume of negativity and stress in our lives.
Our Tranquility Retreats are usually free, but we encourage generous donations ~ Sacred Heart of the Rose is a 501c3 nonprofit nondenominational all-volunteer spiritual organization, and your donations help us stay in our location at Logan Street Sanctuary. You can donate when you arrive or online via our secure Square Market (Under “Shop”, click on “Sacred Heart of the Rose Donations”). You do not have to be a member of Sacred Heart of the Rose to attend the retreat, but annual membership is only $25, so please feel free to become a member today! Memberships will be available at the Retreat, and securely online via this link


We are currently looking for a Director! Please contact us if you are interested in directing our group ~ YOU can help grow The Ensemble!

The Ensemble  is a non-denominational vocal and instrumental adult performance group dedicated to support and promotion of Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc.  The Ensemble  specializes in light secular and sacred music.  The goals of The Ensemble  are performance at local events, recording commercials, and providing back-up for local musicians. The repertoire includes Christmas music, Madrigals, “Old Time” Spirituals, Original music, Popular music (not  “pop”, not  Top 40!), and other fun songs (shanties, drinking songs, etc). Donations are always welcome!

Contact  if you are interested in participating in The Ensemble.

Watch for The Ensemble‘s updates on Facebook  (for The Ensemble members only: click here for our Closed Group page).

Donations supporting The Ensemble are welcome in person or securely online via Square Market.


Handcrafted in silver, original SHotR pendant.

Handcrafted in silver, original SHotR pendant.

We are seeking someone to make pewter reproductions of the above SHotR pendant.  Please contact if you are interested in this project!


Donations are welcome in person or securely online via PayPal and Square Market.


2017 Lughnasadh Celebration ~ Sunday, August 6th

@SHotR and @LSS1274 teamed up to celebrate the Celtic holiday of Lughnadsadh and Reek Sunday (aka Garland Sunday) with an all-day event on Sunday August 6th! While July 30 is the traditional Reek Sunday, Sunday August 6 fell within Lughnasadh this year, and we were excited to host (the 1st annual?!) celebration of Lughnadsadh!

We’re thrilled that Kelly and Emily Ann Thompson performed at our evening concert!

The all-day celebration included a baked goods contest (professional and non-professional categories with Ribbon Prizes), a wreath-making station to create decorate wreaths, Open Mic (stand-up comedy, music, poetry, recitations, whatever!), and a craft beer tasting ~ beer is, of course, grain-based, so it fit right into our Lughnasadh celebration theme!

There was a $20 participation fee at the wreath-making station (“ingredients” for wreath/garland-making are provided, and some folks brought supplies and personal items of their own to attach). There was $5 entry fee for the baked goods contest. 

We had a great time all day and night! Please contact Alys at with any questions about next year’s celebration.

About Lughnasadh and Reek/Garland Sunday:

In the Celtic and Christian calendars, Lughnasadh is celebrated the first week of August. Lughnasadh is (roughly) pronounced “Loo-na-saagd” and sometimes called Lammas.  It’s the time to celebrate the first harvest of the year and recognize that the hot summer days will soon come to an end (maybe not so much here in Indiana!).  Lughnasadh literally means the “funeral games of Lugh” (pronounced “Loo”; “funeral games” were Celtic festivals of feasting, songs, and contests).  The holiday honors Lugh, the Celtic sun-god of light, but it also celebrates his mythical foster mother Tailtiu, in whose honor the funeral games were held.  Reek Sunday (Irish: Domhnach na Cruaiche) or “Garland Sunday” is an annual day of pilgrimage in Ireland.  On the last Sunday in July, pilgrims climb Ireland’s holiest mountain, Croagh Patrick (Irish: Cruach Phádraig, meaning “Patrick’s Stack”).   Croagh Patrick, nicknamed “The Reek“, is a 2,507 ft mountain and an important pilgrimage site in County Mayo in Ireland. The annual pilgrimage has been held for about 1,500 years; it is in honor of Saint Patrick, who, according to tradition, spent 40 days fasting on the mountain in the year 441. Each year, between 15,000 and 30,000 pilgrims participate, many in bare feet; the ascension takes two hours on average, and it takes one and a half hours to descend.

Our celebration event is FREE to the public; donations can be made securely online via our Square Market store. Sacred Heart of the Rose is a 501(c)(3) non-denominational spiritual organization and Logan Street Sanctuary (LSS) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) not-for-profit cultural arts organization.

LSS accepts cash donations in a glass bowl to support our facility, and offers t-shirts, artwork, 2017 The Polk Street Review books, and annual supporting memberships and donation options via our secure Square Market store.

Without your support, we couldn’t host such great events! Thank you ~ and see you at LSS!

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