Live at Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc.

Videos & Recordings

Occasionally, we’ll remember to hit record at our events, and you can watch/listen as we go live on Facebook. Check out some of our past recordings below.

Side note from Alys:
Most of our live videos were filmed by me ~ usually using my cell phone, sometimes using my Nikon D32000 camera. I don’t have a super-great high quality cell phone, so just imagine what we could do with a REAL video camera! (hint hint: anyone want to donate some video equipment to LSS, just contact me at! Nope, I am not above begging!!)

Dave Harvey, Cole Ritter,
Jan Harvey, Emma Harvey
10 Feb 2019

Doug Sauter, John Gilmore,
Aaron Ransdell, Melinda & Emily (hidden!)
10 Feb 2019

Joel Curtis
09 Feb 2019

John Gilmore
09 Feb 2019

New Trad Ramblers
02 Nov 2018

Laughing Jack
02 Nov 2018

Cari Ray & The Shaky Legs
08 Nov 2018

Ken Yates
08 April 2018

Ken Yates

This stone solid songwriter from Ontario will blow you away. Here, you can listen to his first set at Logan Street Sanctuary. He writes like you think. His songs are moving, honest, and clever.

Learn more about him Here.

[soundcloud_ultimate track=]

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