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About The Polk Street Review:

The Polk Street Review is an annual anthology that celebrates Noblesville with three categories: images, song lyrics/poetry, and prose. There is one simple rule for submissions: they must be either submitted by people with a connection to Noblesville or the submission content must be connected to Noblesville.

The book was founded by two Noblesville authors, Kurt A. Meyer and Bill Kenley, who continue to be involved as consultants, authors, and fundraisers; LSS took over publication in 2017. The popular book launch in February is one of LSS’s annual Signature Events, and we look forward to the 2018 The Polk Street Review book launch celebration on February 24, 2018, where Ribbon Prizes will be awarded for: Merit Award (Best in Book), 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, and (2) Honorable Mentions.  

The theme for the 2018 edition is 

Fact or Fiction? YOU Decide . . .

note: the “YOU” is literally YOU, our readers! We asked our contributors to keep you guessing!

Join us for the 2018 The Polk Street Review book launch celebration!
February 24th, 6-10:00pm(-ish!)

We can’t wait to launch this book! With over 122 submissions and over 100 images, songs, poems, and prose pieces selected for publication, this year’s The Polk Street Review will certainly be a good read, and the book launch promises to be a fun night! As always, you will enjoy presentations by many of our submitters! We will also be awarding prizes in our three categories (Song Lyrics/Poetry, Images, Prose).  Don’t miss out!

Emily Wasonga of Love’s Hangover again sponsored an International Section for the 2018  edition of The Polk Street Review

 Our International Section is for submissions from people from around the world AND for our “local” friends to submit images, poems/song lyrics, and prose about their International “fact or fiction” experiences!

Click on this link to Reserve YOUR copy today!

About the 2018 theme:

Have you ever had a dream or a nightmare so vivid that when you awake you aren’t sure if it really happened or not? Have you ever had an experience that you just know other people wouldn’t believe could be true? Or have you ever watched a move and wondered, “I wonder if that was based on true events?” or “I can’t believe that’s a true story!” You’ve heard the saying “truth is stranger than fiction”, right? Well, we asked our Poets, Memoirists, Essayists, Songwriters, and Storytellers to express their creativity with pieces that would leave our readers feeling just like that ~ not really being sure if what you’ve read is true (fact) or not (fiction).

For image submissions, meeting this year’s theme was a bit of a challenge ~ after all, who but the artist or photographer could really know if their work is based on fact or fiction? Nevertheless, the book includes some great artwork ~ we were a bit generous with the images insofar as how they connect to the theme, but we think you’ll like ’em all!

You can reserve copies of the book via Square at

2018 The Polk Street Review books will be available  for pick up at the February 24th book launch.

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2018 edition WORKSHOPS:

2018 Ellen Santasiero Memoir Writing Workshop

Hosted by The Polk Street Review, this workshop on August 26 (2017) was from 1p – 5p at Logan Street Sanctuary.  Ellen Santasiero’s essays, memoirs, interviews, and articles have appeared in Northwest Review, Marlboro Review, The Sun, Oregon Humanities, High Desert Journal, Oregon Home, The Polk Street Review, and in Going Green, an anthology from the University of Oklahoma Press. She teaches literature and creative writing at Oregon State University, and memoir classes at her local library and domestic violence shelter. For this workshop, Ellen focused on Beginning Your Memoir with warm-up exercises that helped attendees access important memories, and she led participants in writing and editing their own short memoir! Many of these memoirs ended up in the 2018 edition of The Polk Street Review

2018 The Polk Street Review’s Walk, Photograph, & Write Noblesville Workshop

Hosted by The Polk Street Review, this workshop on November 18 (2017) was from 2p – 5p at Logan Street Sanctuary. We got rained out (the streets flooded!) so we stayed snug and dry inside LSS and used existing photos in our cell phones to create two submissions to the upcoming 2018 edition of The Polk Street Review! We focused on writing something ~ paragraph, poem, short story, song lyrics, memoir ~ inspired by our favorite cell photo and viola! TWO submissions to the 2018 edition of The Polk Street Review ~ an image and a written piece! Part of the workshop also provided info about a free app to transfer image files to us directly from your cell phones in their original high resolution format, so they’ll look their best in the published book. If you’re familiar with Noblesville, this workshop was a great way to “see” something new in a familiar place! If you didn’t already have a connection to Noblesville, the workshop automatically met the “Noblesville connection” criteria for submitting to The Polk Street Review.                                                                                                                                                                   

2018 The Polk Street Review’s Songwriting & Arranging Workshop

Hosted by The Polk Street Review, this workshop was on November 25 (2017) from 1p – 4pm at Logan Street Sanctuary.  One of the submission categories for The Polk Street Review anthology is “Song Lyrics/Poetry” and this workshop 1) sharpened songwriting skills, and 2) give the chance to work on a song lyric to submit it to the 2018 edition of The Polk Street Review for publication (and possible presentation) at the popular book launch on February 24th 2018!! Songwriters Chris WilsonJohn Gilmore, and Zach Craft guided attendees through the three hour workshop: about half an hour discussing songwriting inspiration and basics, an hour and half for one-on-one songwriting work, and then attendees presented the songs they worked on in the workshop. Chris, John, and Zach focused a little on writing about “your hometown,” since The Polk Street Review is a collection that celebrates Noblesville, and they also discussed other songwriting subject matter. Free follow-up individual sessions were offered by Sarah E. Morin-Wilson, who holds a music composition and theory degree from Butler and is an officer of Poetry Society of Indiana. Song lyrics can be submitted for publication in the 2018 edition of The Polk Street Review!

NOTE: the 2018 books will be handed out at the February 24th, 2018 book launch at Logan Street Sanctuary.

Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit cultural arts organization, with annual and monthly Signature events, concerts, workshops, and more. At all events, we put out a glass bowl for LSS donations to “keep the lights on”. At our concert events, we ask a $15 donation at “the door” ~ $10 goes directly to the performers, and $5 donation goes directly to support LSS to help us keep the lights on!  If you would like to prepay, go to ~ be sure to bring your emailed receipt to the concert that you want to attend!
Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to offer such great community arts-related events.  Check our Upcoming Events to see what’s happening at LSS! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter at @LSS1274!

The 2017 edition of  The Polk Street Review   was a wonderful experience ~ it was our first-time publishing the annual anthology.

The February 25, 2017 book launch was amazing!

We were “live on Facebook” for almost the entire evening.


Ribbon Prizes were awarded for: Merit Award (Best in Book), Special Award, and 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, and (3) Honorable Mentions in three categories (Prose, Poetry/Song Lyrics, and Images)

Our 2017 prize winners are:

Award of Merit (Best in Book)

Films About Ghosts by Sam Watermeier

Sam’s memoir hits every note we were looking for, with a purity and clarity that is unmistakable, and reflects a truly unique transitional moment.

Prose Category:

First Prize

Walking In Auschwitz by John Caviness

John attended a German University for an academic  year (2014-2015) and had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz; his memoir expresses that life-changing experience in a way that allows the reader to feel they are right there with John.

John’s memoir is featured in the International Connection Section of the  2017 The Polk Street Review.

Second Prize

Powerless by Gail Mehlan

Gail’s story is featured in the International Connection Section of the  2017 The Polk Street Review.

Third Prize

A Pivotal Moment by Enoch Gamoian

 Honorable Mention

The Fairy Way (or the Highway) by Sandy Stewart

 Honorable Mention

Camp Delight, a Recollection of Childhood by Joe Ottinger

Honorable Mention

The Wine Shopper by Steve VandeWater

Poetry/Song Lyrics Category:

 First Prize

“Nick on the Big Two-Hearted River” by Greg Richards

Greg’s poem, a pantoum, is inspired by an Ernest Hemingway short story, but Greg evokes darker musings, exploring remnants of a damaged psyche lurking just below the surface.

 Second Prize

When I Die by Mike Stewart

Mike’s original song is both hilarious and poignant, and well-deserving of this award.

 Third Prize

The Conversation by John Gilmore

Honorable Mention

Montana Mountains by Emily Crapnell

 Honorable Mention

White by DeMaris Gaunt

Honorable Mention

Horizons by Joe Ottinger

Images Category:

First Prize

Poland ~ Houses by John Caviness (photograph)

John’s photo is featured in the International Connection Section of the  2017 The Polk Street Review.

Poland ~ Houses (John Caviness)

Second Prize

Untitled 3 by DeMaris Gaunt (freehand drawing)

Untitled III (DeMaris Gaunt)

Third Prize

Untitled by Sharon Clarke (painting; acrylic on silk)

Untitled (Sharon Clarke)

 Honorable Mention

Indiana in Paris by Valentin Petit (photograph)

Valentin’s photo is featured in the International Connection Section of the  2017 The Polk Street Review.

Indiana in Paris (Valentin Petit)

 Honorable Mention

Near The Louvre w/Grandpa by John Caviness (photograph; John, wearing his late Grandpa’s shoes, walked in his Grandpa’s footsteps, visiting places in Paris that his Grandpa had visited on shore leave during his Navy days. Their two visits to Paris were separated by 60 years.)

Near the Louvre with Grandpa
(John Caviness)

 Our Special Award ~

Special Award ~ Mark Wilkinson

Mark received our Special Award for his longtime commitment and support of The Polk Street Review. He has contributed to every volume of The Polk Street Review, he has many times entertained us at past editions’ book launches with readings of his submissions. Additionally, even after The Polk Street Review‘s two-year publication hiatus, he was one of the first people to submit to the 2017 edition of the book. We’re particularly pleased that we could include Mark’s 2015 Open Mic piece in this volume, titled, Out of Luck.

Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors and Patrons:

Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim

Smith’s Jewelers

Mr. G’s Liquors

MacInnis Construction

Kurt Meyer ~ Tucker Realty

Emily Wasonga ~ Love’s Hangover Creations

Linda Tyler

Sharon Clarke

Adam & Nikki Cloud

Jason & Emily Compton

David & Stacy Corwin

Susan Crandall

 David & Kelly Dircksen

Bob & Leann Faust

 Bill & Casey Kenley

Luke & Sally Kenley

David & Laurie Kimmel

Kurt & Andrea Meyer

Larry & Sue Rider

Mary Risher & Lisa  Spangler

Matt & Kelli Yates

Steve Younce & Anne Kenley

Vernon & Dottie Young

About The Polk Street Review:

The Polk Street Review is an annual literary review founded by Noblesville authors, Kurt A. Meyer and Bill Kenley, who are both Members of Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. and continue to be involved in the publication as consultants and fundraisers.  The popular book launch is one of our annual Signature Events, and we look forward to the 2018  The Polk Street Review book launch celebration on February 24, 2018 (doors open at 6:30; presentations and readings  7:00 – 9:00pm).

The Polk Street Review is comprised of stories, poems, essays, and artwork by writers/artists/photographers both professional and non-professional.  The main “rule” of The Polk Street Review is that the subject matter or the author must have a Noblesville connection.

Special note: Love’s Hangover Creations is our sponsor for a special section in the book, the International Connection Section, for writings that include a global connection to Noblesville!

Not an author or artist, but you love Noblesville?

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Our 2018 edition is in the works!

Our grateful thanks to Wann Air Systems, our very FIRST Patron for the 2018 (yes, 2018!) edition of The Polk Street Review! Please support them for all your air system needs!
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