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Noblesville Interdisciplinary Creativity Expo

NICE is one of our annual Signature Events at Logan Street Sanctuary. The brainchild of author Sarah E. Morin and artist/author Alys Caviness-Gober, NICE offers artists of all kinds the opportunity to create artwork inspired by each year’s four selected classic literary passages.  It’s an “anything goes” artistic expo ~ participants share music, art, poetry, dance, performance, sculpture, and anything else!

The date for our 3rd Annual NICE is Friday, October 6th

(deadline for Submission is September 23, 2017)

Come out and enjoy this year’s presentations ~ original creations of music, art, and literature ~ inspired by four passages from classic literature! We will have two guest vendors, local makers and entrepreneurs Emily Wasonga from Love’s Hangover Creations (jewelry & accessories) and Eric O’Dell from Wildfire Press (handbound books and journals), who will share their entrepreneurial stories and be selling their one-of-a-kind items! We will also have our 2017 edition of The Polk Street Review anthology for sale. The event is free to the public (donations to support Logan Street Sanctuary are suggested at the door).

Click on the link for the 2017 NICE Callout and Guidelines and Entry Form

 The 2017 four selected passages are:

All Quiet On The Western Front  (1928) by Erich Maria Remarque

The Diary of A Young Girl  (1947) by Anne Frank

Animal Farm  (1945) by George Orwell

Harlem  (1951) by Langston Hughes

We had TWO great lead-up creativity workshops in May and August to help creative juices flowing for creations inspired by the four passages we’ve selected from our 2017 book choices. Remember ALL mediums of creativity are welcome! Songs, music, artwork, prose and poetry writings, theatrical readings/presentations ~ anything goes!


Our NICE Creativity Workshop #1 focused on Harlem and Animal Farm and was held on May 16! 

Our “Animal Farm” props were a lot of fun! (“Aaaaaaawesome!”)

Our activities and discussion went beyond the two passages and we delved into wider themes, context, and imagery about jazz poetry, jazz music, the Harlem Renaissance, racism, class, allegory, propaganda, Socialism, Communism, and so much more! It was “Aaaaaaawesome!” (attendees will get the “inside joke”!)

Continue to be inspired ~ download the Harlem and Animal Farm handouts from the workshop!

Attendees enjoyed hearing Sarah E.’s computer playing a recording of Langston Hughes  reciting his poem Harlem, with Alys’ painting Slow Jazz providing a little extra ambience!

2017 NICE Creativity Workshop #2 was held on August 22.  
In our second Creativity Workshop, we focused on All Quiet on the Western Front (Erich Maria Remarque) and Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank).  

Continue to be inspired: download our handouts from the workshop for All Quiet on the Western Front and Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

NICE History

Alys and Sarah both love to read great classics, and find themselves haunted by certain memorable passages. They created NICE (Noblesville Interdisciplinary Creativity Expo) for 2 reasons:

  1. To breathe new life into literature by encouraging creative artists of all media to reinterpret key passages.
  2. To provide artists high-school age and up, but of any experience level, a safe and positive place to experiment and share their work. Our expo is not a contest, but rather a place to show and receive encouragement from local creative artists and art fans. There are enough talent shows with buzzers and cutting comments ~ we’re “NICE” people who want to support the growth of creative artists.

Each year, NICE chooses four literary passages and asks people to create any kind of art inspired by the selected passages.  While the NICE event is FREE for participating artists, we encourage other attendees to support Logan Street Sanctuary with a donation at the door ~ donations support the venue’s efforts to “keep the lights on” and remain open! Please, spread the word about Logan Street Sanctuary ~ anyone can donate today at

The four selected passages for 2016 were from Wynema A Child of the Forest,  Rebecca,  Macbeth,  and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The two-night event was held on Friday September 30th and Saturday Oct 1st, 2016 ~ we had about 40 pieces of inspired artwork presented across the two nights, and we had a blast!  BIG thank you to everyone who came out both nights to support the local arts scene here in Noblesville, and to all the creative souls who submitted and presented ~ including but not limited to (I know I’ve forgotten many names!) Sarah E. Morin, John Gilmore, Deborah PetersenTomás Howie, Bryce Ernest Taylor, Maik & Cali Strosahl, Spike Wilson, Radka Caviness, Loretta Wigley, John C., Patty Hunter, Sharon Clarke, Kat Silver, Jo Taylor, Paul Van Duyn, and our vendors Emily Wasonga of Love’s Hangover Creations, Pam’s Tea Shoppe.  Also thank you to Cris and a whole bunch of friends including Sue Payne, Bryan Glover, Joy Collins, and so many more who made both nights extra-special!

Many of our presenters on both nights read for a few of our participants who were out of town, so another “round of applause,” please, for those who did double duty!  And now, to quote Macbeth: “Out, out, brief candle” ~ until next year!

~ Alys Caviness-Gober

Here is our video (shot live)

from the October 1 night of the 2nd Annual NICE

Here is our video (shot live)

from the September 30 night of the 2nd Annual NICE!

Earlier in 2016, our NICE Creativity Events: 

We also had two NICE creativity workshops earlier in 2016! You can find videos and photos from them on our Facebook page here:

NICE hosted a two-day Brainstorming Creativity Workshop at Logan Street Sanctuary on  Saturday July 23 (1:00 – 5:00pm) and Sunday July 24 (2:00 – 5:00pm), 2016. It was great fun! We discussed this year’s four selected NICE passages (symbolism, imagery, cultural context) and brainstormed some inspired pieces on the spot. You can see videos from our 2-day workshop here ~ Day One Video and Day Two Video.

On Saturday August 20th, 2016, NICE hosted an Alice’s “Mad” Tea Party & Creative Discussion at Logan Street Sanctuary.   Thank you again to our vendors,  Pam’s Tea Shoppe and Love’s Hangover Creations and thank you to all who participated!  We had a “madly” fun time!  Videos available NICE Alice’s Mad Tea Party & Creativity Discussion 2016 and We Play MAD Croquet

TeaParty 1a

For more information and details, check out the NICE website and “like” us on Facebook!

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