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If your organization or business is interested in supporting Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc., please consider monthly or annual donations, including our annual Sponsor A Pew, which can be made securely online via Square Market or by downloading and mailing this form along with a check made out to Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc., to:

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One of our custom Plaques for our annual Sponsor A Pew patrons.

Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. has recently received the following grants:

We are so thrilled, and grateful, to announce that NICE is a 2018 recipient of an Indiana Humanities Initiative grant! Our annual project is getting some wonderful suport this year, thanks to this grant. Join us for our five workshops that will explore this year’s selected classics! Everything you’ll want to know about NICE, including 2018 NICE Callout with Forms PDF, can be found here:

This program has been made possible through a grant from the Indiana Humanities in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities.



In June 2018, the Indiana Arts Commission awarded Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. a FY2019 Regional Initiative Grant Arts Project Support grant to support the process of the 2019 publication of The Polk Street Review. The grant will help support our callout for participants (writers, artists, musicians), various workshops, book layout & formatting, printing, the February 2019 book launch celebration, and promotional events before and after publication in February 2019. The Commission approved grant allocations with state and federal funds for grants and programs provided by arts organizations and cultural providers throughout the state, including grants to individual artists. The majority of the grants approved by the Commission will be distributed through the IAC’s 11 regions to small and mid-sized organizations. A complete list of all Fiscal Year 2019 grants to organizations can be found at Indiana Arts Commission website. The IAC is dedicated to the vision of the arts everywhere, every day, for everyone in Indiana.


In May 2017, Legacy Fund, a CICF affiliate, awarded Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. an operating grant of $5000 to help us grow our organization and continue to provide events and programs to our community.

Thank you, Legacy Fund!






In March 2017, Hamilton County Tourism awarded Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc.  an Operating grant of $750. You can find our events listed on their online calendar along with other great events in Hamilton County.

Thank you, Hamilton County Tourism!Hamilton County Tourism logo





Our Artists’ News:

Alys Caviness-Gober, our LSS Secretary, recently completed on a year-long art project supported by a FY2017 Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artist Program grant. You can follow Alys’ project on Facebook here: ~ you can contiune to send her YOUR stories of life with hidden disabilities. The grant period (July 2016 – June 2017) may be over, but Alys plans to continue to create paintings that reflect her own and other people’s experiences with life with hidden disabilities.

Here’s more info on her project:

Noblesville resident and Hamilton County Artists’ Association juried artist member Alys Caviness-Gober has been selected by The Indiana Arts Commission as a recipient of an IAP award for grant period July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 (FY2017). Alys’ grant project consists of creating a series large-scale paintings that tell the story of the challenges faced by people with hidden disabilities. The grant covers the costs of materials, open houses and workshops, and an exhibit of the paintings.

Grant Project Exhibit and Opening Reception info:

Here are a few of the pieces Alys has completed so far:


Wistful represents those moments when I dream of life with no disabilities ~ what must that be like?? The painting also represents the many times in my life, especially in childhood, when, during Winter’s months,  I was afraid that I would not live to see Spring arrive.


Hope represents my outlook on life. Despite all of the challenges I’ve faced in my life with so many Hidden Disabilities, I am basically a positive person. I believe in Hope!

The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line is a phrase used about the police, meaning they stand blue-clad shoulder to blue-clad shoulder as a thin but tough line between ordinary people and crime. I respect the police in general and I hope some people react to this painting by thinking of the dedicated police who do their jobs well. However, my “thin blue line” represents something and someone else. In part, the painting represents my husband, because he is the “thin blue line” between me and any and all disasters, sorrows, and pain. The other representation is for my lifetime of antibiotics, some of which are blue, that stand between me and death. I am on antibiotics 24/7, rotating the few that I can tolerate so as not to become immune to their effectiveness, and I also use an inhaled antibiotic two weeks per month. I periodically require hospitalization for 15 days of IV Antibiotics (a cocktail of three).  In this simple painting, chaos and disaster are the background, and the blue line represents both the color of a lot of antibiotics I’ve taken and my husband’s birthstone (Sapphire).


Inflammation represents the pain associated with hidden disabilities that Alys has involving things like bone spurs (neck & spine), chronic sinusitis, arthritis (neck & spine), pharmaceutical-induced lupus, chronic inflammation & ascites, as well as many other inflammatory diseases. There are dozens of inflammatory disorders. Many occur when the immune system mistakenly triggers inflammation in the absence of infection, such as inflammation of the joints in rheumatoid arthritis.  Inflammation is also an important secondary component of many diseases. An example of this is atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, where inflammation can cause more damage to arteries in a failed attempt to heal the artery wall. There is also an important link between obesity and inflammation, because substances that promote inflammation are released from fat cells, as well as from other cells embedded in fat tissue.


Fault Lines

Latest project painting, Fault Lines ~ inspired by the lines in the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song of the same title, that seem to echo within me as relevant to life with hidden disabilities (though that is probably not what the song is about!):
Yeah, I’ve got a few of my own
I’ve got a few of my own
fault lines
running under my life

Paintings submitted as part of the IAP grant application:

Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives 16×20 textured acrylic

Parallel Lives represents two perspectives ~ which is the “normal” one? Is it the distorted one, or the “smooth” one? The viewer decides. Seeing the same world through two different perspectives can be literally two people, sometimes two ways of looking. (Inspired by a poem by Vince Schrader.)


Brothers  11×14 textured acrylic

Brothers represents duality. It also represents literal brothers (I have two, my father had one) and the dual nature in all humans. One may shelter the other. As a Gemini, I’ve always felt the duality that the twins Castor and Pollux represent.

Force Of Nature

Force of Nature  36×48  textured acrylic

Force Of Nature represents strength. The tree has grown out of a rocky precipice, and stands alone, branches grown blown back by steady winds. Within the beauty of life, there is pain, obstacles, disabilities. The strong persevere.


Addiction  18×24  textured acrylic

This painting illustrates the highs and lows associated with the promises and betrayals of any addiction. Anything can be an addiction ~ irresistibly beautiful, compelling, and potentially destructive. Addiction was chosen as a Finalist in the Abstract/Experimental category of The Artist’s Magazine 31st Annual Art Competition, and can be seen a Logan Street Sanctuary (Noblesville).

My Window

My Window  11×14  textured acrylic

My Window represents my life. With a lifelong illness, I often see life through a window, figuratively and literally: changing seasons, children at play, neighbors leaving for work and returning home later ~ I see life play out, all whilst I remain ill, “stuck” behind the glass. My Window was selected as the title image for the Nickel Plate Arts’ exhibit, “The Great Abstract” (2015).

Past Awards:

June 2018: Indiana Arts Commission Regional Arts Project awarded a supporting grant for FY2018 project, The Polk Street Review.

Noblesville, IN. (Sept. 2, 2016) – Thanks to a $1,000 grant from Legacy Fund, an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation, Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. (LSS) is closing in on its goal to build a new safe and dependable ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp.

The LSS RAMP IT UP Campaign was launched earlier this year after the existing ramp was deemed too dangerous for users and removed. LSS plans to leverage the Legacy Fund grant to raise an additional $1,500 to pay for materials required for the project—construction of the new ramp will be done by volunteers.

“By building a new ramp, it ensures that everyone has access to LSS events,” said Alys Caviness-Gober, secretary, Logan Street Sanctuary. “With this $1,000 from Legacy Fund and the support of individuals and businesses in our community, I am confident we will have our replacement ramp in place this fall!”

About Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc.
Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. (LSS) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to promote a greater awareness of and encouragement for Creative Arts in Hamilton County and beyond; to provide music, literature, and arts education, events, and exhibitions, which meet the interests of the community in general, and to encourage music, literature, and art by all in the community by providing exhibits, events, and venue space for exhibits, events, and educational classes and workshops. Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc. hopes to establish high aesthetic standards and to cooperate with, and promote membership in, other similar organizations.

For more information about supporting Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc., including the replacement wheelchair ramp materials fund, please contact Alys at or visit the LSS website at

ABOUT LEGACY FUND cicftiflflogo300
Legacy Fund is a $56 million public foundation that serves Hamilton County since in 1991. It’s an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), a $700 million public foundation established in 1997 as a partnership between The Indianapolis Foundation, serving Marion County since 1916, and Legacy Fund. CICF and its affiliates transform the lives of Central Indiana residents in three ways: consulting donors, family foundations and their professional advisors on charitable giving; awarding grants to effective not-for-profit organizations; and providing leadership to address community needs and seize opportunities. For more information about CICF and Legacy Fund, visit


Arts Midwest Touring Fund logonea-lockup-A




Logan Street Sanctuary, Inc., is the proud recipient of a 2016 Arts Midwest Touring Fund grant of $500, which supported the Annie & Rod Capps with Jason Dennie  events on October 21, 2016  at Logan Street Sanctuary. The events were a  Songwriting & Arranging Workshop and Concert performance. This presentation was supported by the Arts Midwest Touring Fund, a program of Arts Midwest that is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, with additional contributions from the Indiana Arts Commission and the Crane Group.

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